At the Table Podcast: From Hollywood to Biblical Novels to Philosophical Serial Killers


This was an interesting interview.

I talked to the guys on At the Table Podcast about my origins in Hollywood and how that lead to becoming a best-selling author of Bible novels!

Then we talked about my newest novel, a theological thriller called Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer.

Sit back and enjoy this fun discussion. I did.

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THIS Is How We BEAT Hollywood and its Wokeness

If you’ve been bothered by how woke Hollywood has gotten, then don’t miss this discussion! In this video I chat with Hollywood filmmaker and author Brian Godawa, author of the brand new novel: Cruel Logic.

We chat about how Christians can tell better stories, whether or not sex and violence are appropriate in films, and Christians can get movies made in today’s anti-Christian culture. Check it out 🙂

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Godawa Announces New Theological Thriller Novel “Cruel Logic” on Eric Metaxas Show

I was on Eric Metaxas talking about the release of my new theological thriller novel, Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer.

But we also talked about my faith story, my movie career and my Nephilim novels!

Eric was a great host.

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Christians Engaged Conversation: How To Apply Your Faith to Culture – REALLY

This is a great interview with Bunny Pounds about real Christian engagement in culture and the arts.

We discuss why Christians fail to have impact, and how we can better do so.

In a way that is engaging and not merely judgmental and dismissive.

Watch or listen here

(I love her name. Bunny Pounds. It’s like the perfect balance of love and justice)

My Testimony Plus Hollywood & the Christian Worldview

This was a different interview than most I’ve had.

Seth McVey from Apolo-Neering asks me to give my testimony about how I became a Christian. Then we talk about Hollywood and whether or not it is controlled by dark occultic forces and how a Christian worldview can make it in that dark world.

YouTube took the video down, so here is the audio:

Conspirinormal Podcast: Hollywood’s Rape Culture. End Times Prophecy.


I was on the Conspirinormal podcast to talk about Hollywood and my new novel Remnant.

Here is what Adam Sayne of Conspirinormal writes about the interview:

We speak to Brian about his new book “Remnant” the second installment of his “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” series. Brian gets a little deeper into the Preterist view of End Times Prophecy and how it has influenced his work. We also discuss some of what is going on in Hollywood right now.

My interview starts at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

Listen to it here.