God’s Comic Brad Stine Interviews Brian Godawa on Conversion, Hollywood and Nephilim

I was on Brad Stine’s podcast to talk about my conversion to Christianity, my Hollywood screenwriting and my wildly successful Nephilim novels.

Brad is an interesting guy. I actually met him many years ago when he first started out. I did the graphic design for some of his marketing when he was with Clean Comedians.

My interview starts at 14:53.

Watch or listen here.

Brian Godawa Interview on Warrior Chamber: The Christian’s Role in Film, “My Son Hunter”, “Cruel Logic” & More!

I had a great talk with Brett Prieto of Warrior Chamber Studios.

Brett is a Christian and a screenwriter and actor in Hollywood, AND he loves apologetics  so we had alot in common to talk about.

We talked about being a Christian in Hollywood, sex and violence in the movies and the Bible, storytelling, apologetics…

As well as my new novel Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer.

Brett gets it. He’s sharp.

Watch or Listen here

My Podcast Interview on Knowing God through Imagination & Apologetics

Are you creative and imaginative and wonder how it has to do with the Bible? Do you know what apologetics is and why it’s important?

I talk to Heidi Mortenson on Strong Tower Mental Health Podcast about my personal testimony as a believer in Jesus Christ, the importance of understanding apologetics as well as my journey into being a professional writer and filmmaker.

You will be pulled into a deeper part of Christianity than you ever have before using your heart, mind and will.

We can know God with our head, but when we use both the right and left side of our brain, our faith grows more than we could ever imagine.

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Iron and Myth 20: Scaring the Hell Out of You (Horror Stories and God)

IS IT possible for a story to literally scare the Hell out of you?

Every era has had its stories of monsters, demons, and gods. Those tales can teach some supernatural truth—sometimes by accident.

That’s not to say that we can find the gospel in every tale of horror. But they are “reflections through a distorted lens of godless man.”

I join Derek Gilber’s podcast with Dr. Judd Burton (www.BurtonBeyond.net), author of Interview With the Giant, and Doug Van Dorn (www.douglasvandorn.com), author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, to discuss our favorite examples of horror that manage to teach us something about the spiritual conflict around us.

Watch or listen here.


Podcast: The Gospel Creates Order Out of Chaos. A Positive Vision of Christian Faith in Culture

I was on this podcast, Shekinah Publishing.

It was a great time. In Part One I gave my personal testimony of my faith in Hollywood and writing novels with an eye toward subverting the culture with positive Christian faith.

Here is Part One

In part two, I talk about having a positive Christian vision for culture rather than the defeatist approach.

So many Christians are overcome by the vast evil in this world, and it is really there.

But how do you live the Bible truth that “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world”?

Here is Part Two

Check them out. These are real heartfelt discussions.

Christians Engaged Conversation: How To Apply Your Faith to Culture – REALLY

This is a great interview with Bunny Pounds about real Christian engagement in culture and the arts.

We discuss why Christians fail to have impact, and how we can better do so.

In a way that is engaging and not merely judgmental and dismissive.

Watch or listen here

(I love her name. Bunny Pounds. It’s like the perfect balance of love and justice)

Hollywood Worldviews Today. But First, the Christian Worldview in Novels

This was an interesting interview with Celeste Solum, who explores wild stuff.

I talked about the supernatural worldview in the Bible and it’s application to my novel series.

And then a bit about Hollywood and worldviews.

Watch it here on Rumble

Godawa on Spiritual Warfare Novels and the Bible. Yes, but not the way some Christians think

I had this first part interview with Ricky Pope of Christian Nerds Unite about my spiritual warfare novels.

Which is cool, cause I’m kind of a Christian Nerd myself, so I felt at home!

You’re gonna enjoy this one.

Listen or watch here:



Dr. Jeff Show: Hollywood, Storytelling and the Christian Worldview with Brian Godawa


Jeff and Summit Ministries are deep thinking and helpful in making sense of our world.

Award-winning screenwriter, director, and author Brian Godawa reveals the struggles of Hollywood, how all stories implicitly deliver worldviews, and staying true to Christ in everything we do.

His journey as a storyteller, first in Hollywood, then as a best-selling author.

Watch it here