Hollywood Worldviews: Worldview in Movies. It Affects You More Than You Realize.

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Every worldview is a story that has a narrative of Creation, Fall and Redemption.
Every movie has a worldview.
I explain the components of a worldview and how they are incarnated within a story in movies.
This will help you understand the underlying meaning of movies.

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Hollywood Worldviews: Incarnation in the Movies. The Elements of Good Story That Change You.


Check out this short YouTube video on Incarnation in the Movies.

I explain 8 elements of story incarnation, and how movies incarnate truth, meaning and worldview, through their protagonist, antagonist, drama, theme, love interest, reflection, and others.

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Hollywood Worldviews: The Seminar • 5 Powerful Lectures by Brian Godawa


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This is the most recent, most developed and most powerful version of this seminar ever.

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As a Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling novelist, I explore the power of storytelling in movies and in the Bible. I reveal the elements of worldview, and how storytelling incarnates meaning and worldview. I explain the nature of subversion, and how narratives compete and win in the culture wars of both movies and the Bible. I examine the Bible as a model for analyzing how sex, violence and profanity may be used in movies and storytelling. I look at four differences between exposing sin and exploiting sin. I describe the 9 basic elements of story structure used in movies and the Bible to communicate redemption. I describe the genre of horror and explain the 4 ways that horror is used redemptively in the Bible and in movies.

I think you will love these Powerpoint presentations with film clips!

5 Videos include:

  1. Incarnation in the Movies
  2. Subversion in the Movies
  3. Sex and Violence in the Bible
  4. Redemption in the Movies
  5. Horror: A Biblical Genre

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All the videos are also sold separately. Discount if you buy all 5.

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The Glory of Story: Genesis 1 and the Art of Storytelling

I am posting this playlist of clips from my friend, Jim Womer’s class on The Glory of Story. It was a powerful influence on my understanding of story from the Bible.

Watch the complete playlist of all segments on YouTube here.

These are edited segments of a 2.5 hour lecture

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Discover the hidden treasures within the biblical “creation model” found in the book of Genesis. Decode the”seven days of creation” as an organic template for story structure.

• You will learn how to organically generate dimensional back stories and characters from a simple logline.
• Identify and address story problems in any stage of the writing process from outline to finished draft.
• Identify characters that are out of balance with the story, why they are out of balance, and what must be done to realign them or omit them.
• Identify the true motivations behind any character’s dialogue and actions.

Introduction: The WHY vs. the WHAT of story
Act One: Born Identity vs. False Identity and Hero’s Departure
Act Two A: Hero’s Descent, Plan A, Point of No Return, and Bonding
Act Two B: Hero’s Eclipse and Ascent
Act Three: Abyss, Gauntlet, Hidden Truth, Deliverance, and Return

“I heartily recommend this series on storytelling structure based on Genesis One. I use it myself. If you buy it in combination with my “Screenwriting for Christians,” you will have an unbeatable combination to help you write stories with an incarnate Christian worldview.”
— Brian Godawa