The Spiritual Reason Behind the Superhero Craze – Godawa Podcast Interview

Living the Adventure: LISTEN to the podcast here.

Five of the top 10 movies at the box office this year are superhero movies. And eight of the top 25 films of all time are superhero flicks.

So, why are we as a society so obsessed with superheroes? Is there, perhaps, a spiritual reason behind the craze? Brian Godawa, a professional author and filmmaker, believes there is.

A Christian in the entertainment industry, Godawa says we are attracted to superheroes on the big screen because we have a natural desire to fill – as Pascal said – the God-shaped vacuum inside all of us. But that’s not the only reason.

Superhero movies are the topic of this week’s edition of War of the Worldviews.

Godawa also discusses:

  • What we can teach our kids after watching superhero movies.
  • What he thought about the popular movie Wonder Woman.
  • What he thinks about the trendy antihero movies.

Living the Adventure: LISTEN to the podcast here.


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