Are there spiritual portals linked to locations? Iron and Myth podcast discussion

DO PLACES EXIST where the veil between this world and the next is thinner—namely, portals?

Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, Brian Godawa (, best-selling author of the new novel Cruel Logic, and Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, and join Derek Gilbert to discuss the concept of portals.

From Mount Hermon to the Tower of Babel to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a belief in portals between the supernatural and human realms is ancient and widespread.

Do portals actually exist? Can our entertainment choices open us up to spiritual influences?

This would all be an intellectual exercise if Jesus hadn’t specifically chosen to declare his divinity at Caesarea Philippi, a location widely believed to be a portal in the ancient world.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Kills. The Cruel Logic Interview of Brian Godawa

I was on Midwest Christian Outreach to talk about my book Cruel Logic, as well as narrative apologetics.

Most of us, perhaps all of us, develop at least some of our worldview by a sort of intellectual osmosis.

It comes from the books, magazines, and news sources we read, television and movies we watch and the peer groups with whom we associate.

As we engage with these sources, we rarely consider the virtually unfiltered underlying worldview that is being taken into our mind.

There are new offerings from Christian authors conveying defense of the faith in novels that is a natural part of the story without resorting to what might be termed “Jesus smuggling.”

“Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer” is a Theological Thriller Novel that poses the question, “Could You Defend Your Beliefs if Your Life Depended on it?”

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The Morals of Murder: Brian Godawa EXPOSES FLAWED WOKE Thinking

In a special segment, Chris interviews Brian Godawa about his new book, “Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer.”

This book, the first in the Theological Thriller Novel series, weaves a suspenseful tale delving into human nature, the problem of evil, and the existence of God.

Brian shares insights into his novel’s creation and its exploration of profound philosophical and theological themes.

Join us for an episode that navigates through the shadowy corridors of power and the gripping complexities of moral philosophy.

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The Ancient Way Interview: The Controversial Anti-woke Novel, Cruel Logic

I was interviewed by James Hardin and Marleah Vidal on The Ancient Way podcast.

We talked about my new novel Cruel Logic and how it relates to today’s world of woke violence growing in our culture.

But we also discuss the pathetic weakness of modern Christianity in countering unbelief, and how it can fall prey to woke manipulation.

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What Would You Say to a Serial Killer to Justify Your Survival? Strange O’Clock Podcast Interview about Cruel Logic

Join Strange O’Clock Podcast with Michael Basham and Jeralynn Peach, as they delve into the mind-bending world of ethics, morality, and the human psyche with world-renowned author and Hollywood scriptwriter, Brian Godawa.

In this gripping interview, they explore Godawa’s latest book, “Cruel Logic”, a pulse-pounding thriller where a serial killer challenges his victims to justify their right to live based on their philosophical ethics.

Brace yourself for a suspenseful and riveting journey from beginning to end, as they unravel the intricate web of the killer’s demands.

Get ready to question your own beliefs and delve into the dark depths of the human soul.

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Iron and Myth 24 – Tis the Season to Talk About Giants

Studying topics like giants, gods, and dragons in the Bible is important.

But does focusing on these subjects detracts from the message of love, grace, and salvation in Jesus Christ?

Brian Godawa (, best-selling author of the new novel Cruel Logic, Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, and Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, join us to discuss the significance of geographic locations and religious context in biblical events with Derek Gilbert on A View From the Bunker.

Jesus himself waged war with demons, principalities and powers who rebelled against their Creator. We need a comprehensive theology that includes historical, cultural, and biblical knowledge. Without it, we cannot recognize or understand the devices of the enemy.

As our good friend the late Dr. Michael Heiser used to say, “If it’s in the Bible and it’s weird, it’s probably important.”

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One of the most Notorious Villains in the Bible

One of the most notorious characters in the Bible, and all of history, is a man about which we know almost nothing.

Nimrod is blamed for the Tower of Babel and the occult wickedness of Babylon.

Some identify Nimrod as the Sumerian king Enmerkar, some as Sargon the Great of Akkad, others as the mythical hero of Uruk, Gilgamesh.

How much do we really know about Nimrod? Is there any connection to Semiramis, Tammuz, and Christmas?

Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, and Brian Godawa (, best-selling author of the new novel Cruel Logic join us for our monthly round table to discuss the man, the myth, the legend—Nimrod.


Giant Steps Podcast: All About Nephilim, Bible Novels and Hollywood

Here is what my interviewer, Doug Van Dorn wrote about this interview:

Acclaimed Author/Novelist/Script Writer Brian Godawa takes us into the heart and soul of his work.

With a vast and wildly popular catalog of writings that span everything from fiction book series to Hollywood films, Brian shares with us, everything from where he draws inspiration to how he manages his writing process.

A must-listen for fans of his work and for those who wish to discover new and quality, reality-based fictional literature!