My Podcast Interview on Knowing God through Imagination & Apologetics

Are you creative and imaginative and wonder how it has to do with the Bible? Do you know what apologetics is and why it’s important?

I talk to Heidi Mortenson on Strong Tower Mental Health Podcast about my personal testimony as a believer in Jesus Christ, the importance of understanding apologetics as well as my journey into being a professional writer and filmmaker.

You will be pulled into a deeper part of Christianity than you ever have before using your heart, mind and will.

We can know God with our head, but when we use both the right and left side of our brain, our faith grows more than we could ever imagine.

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Sorcery in the Bible and Our World – Iron and Myth Podcast # 22

GOD WAS very clear when He told Moses that sorcery was absolutely forbidden. Would He have bothered to mention it if it was make-believe?

Brian Godawa (, author of the new novel Cruel Logic, Doug Van Dorn (, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods, and Dr. Judd Burton (, author of Interview With the Giant, join their monthly round table to discuss witches, warlocks, and the forbidden practice of spell-casting.

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THIS Is How We BEAT Hollywood and its Wokeness

If you’ve been bothered by how woke Hollywood has gotten, then don’t miss this discussion! In this video I chat with Hollywood filmmaker and author Brian Godawa, author of the brand new novel: Cruel Logic.

We chat about how Christians can tell better stories, whether or not sex and violence are appropriate in films, and Christians can get movies made in today’s anti-Christian culture. Check it out 🙂

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Myth, Imagination, Gods, Apologetics. Godawa Podcast Interview

I was on this new podcast with Nikola called Myths, Mysteries and Majesties.

We talk about my story as well as What is actually a myth? What is the role of imagination? What’s the ontological reality of other gods? Was polemics used as an apologetic tool in the Bible? How did the ancients see the universe being structured?

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Final Frontier Podcast: Godawa on all things Nephilim, Watchers and Psalm 82

I was on the Final Frontier podcast and had a great interview talking about the Divine Council worldview, Deuteronomy 32, Nephilim giants, Watchers, Principalities and Powers, Psalm 82 and the judgment of the Watchers at the destruction of the holy temple in AD 70.

Some challenging questions they gave!

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Cruel Logic: Storytelling, Woke Propaganda, And Evil (The Right Take Podcast)

Mark Tapson of the Right Take Podcast interviewed me about Cruel Logic.

The thing about Mark Tapson is that he is  an expert on culture and specifically Leftist and Woke culture today. You can read his substack articles under Mark Tapson. He’s quite genius.

So his questions are insightful and poignant.

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Cruel Logic on View from the Bunker Podcast

I had a great talk with Derek Gilbert about my new thriller novel Cruel Logic.

Derek’s wife, an accomplished writer of supernatural fiction, gave me an endorsement on the novel:

“Once again, Brian Godawa gives us a master-class novel. Cruel Logic exposes the terrifying truth within a ‘do as thou wilt’ philosophy. When demons crouch at the door, whose truth prevails?”
Sharon K. Gilbert, author The Redwing Saga

Watch or listen to the interview here