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Abraham Allegiant

abraham-coverThe Forefather and Patriarch You Thought You Knew.

After the Great Flood, the giant king Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel and unites the world in rebellion against the Creator. He seeks to achieve godhood as world potentate and bring in the pantheon of gods to rule with him.

But God has other plans. He causes the confusion of languages and disperses Nimrod’s kingdom to the four corners of the earth, allotting the nations under the authority of pagan deities. He then chooses a simple nomad Abram as next in the line of the seed of Promise.

But Nimrod is not dead. He sets out on a course of revenge to find Abram and kill him in order to thwart God’s plan of creating a people for his own inheritance. As Nimrod’s quest drives him deeper into madness, the stakes rise. The land which Abram is being given is Canaan, where the goddess Ashtart is carrying out her own plans of breeding the seed of the Serpent.

The War of the Seed is rising.

Chronicles of the Nephilim is written in the mythic genre of The Lord of the Rings and Narnia, blending fantasy and mythopoeia with history to retell the Biblical narrative with a fresh perspective, while staying true to the original spirit of the story.

Abraham Allegiant

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