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Abraham Allegiant

Cast of Characters

After the Great Flood, the giant king Nimrod builds the Tower of Babel and unites the world in rebellion against the Creator. But God has other plans. He causes the confusion of languages and disperses Nimrod’s kingdom upon the earth. God then chooses a simple nomad Abraham as next in the line of the Seed of Promise. But Nimrod is not going to let that happen.

Character Images created by Cam Harless
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Intrepid Bedouin nomad warrior whose birth is prophesied by the astrologers and wise men of Babylon to be one whose seed will slay great kings, possess their land, and inherit the earth. But King Nimrod of Babylon is world potentate and not tolerant of such prospects. So Nimrod will seek to find and kill Abram from his birth onward. And Abram has another little problem: Nimrod is not the only one that is after him.



Abram’s wife and chosen one to bear the seedline of promise. The kink in the plan: She is past childbearing age and is barren. Sarai is one of the most stunningly beautiful women that Yahweh ever created, but because of her background as a rejected bastard child, she is without a family or home. Her husband, Abram adores her more than she ever dreamed. Unfortunately, her beauty also draws the unwanted attention of Arba, giant king of Kiriath-Arba near the oaks of Mamre. And Arba always gets what he wants.



Mysterious king of Salem, priest of El Elyon the Most High God, possessor of the heaven and the earth. This priest-king has neither start nor end of days which makes his priesthood forever. Abraham gets a blessing from this holy one who represents the city that would become the holy city of Jerusalem.



The father of Abram. He begins as an idol maker of Uruk but is quickly in power by Nimrod because of his experience in sorcery, astrology, and the magic arts. Terah builds an occultic army of golem Stone Ones that ingratiates him to Nimrod. When Nimrod discovers that Terah’s son Abram is a prophesied inheritor of the nations, he puts Terah to the to the ultimate test of loyalty.



The adventurous and spirited nephew of Abram who gains his uncle’s favor with hope for an inheritance. Unfortunately, Lot becomes enchanted by wealth and worldliness and finds himself in a never-ending pursuit of city life over his boring pastoral life with Abram. Lot’s ambition ultimately leads him to the most dangerous spiritual location, the one place in the world where he could lose his soul: Sodom.



The cursed son of Ham is discovered by the goddess Ishtar who grooms him to become her own servant, indeed her slave, to fulfill her goals for the land that is named after him with its own curse. He becomes a pawn in a game he cannot win.



World potentate, giant hunter-king. Nimrod plans to build the city of Babylon as the center of the world, along with a tower that reaches to the heavens as a new location from which the pantheon of gods may rule Mesopotamia and the world. But Nimrod and his city is judged by Yahweh and his kingdom dispersed to the four corners of the earth, He turns bitter and insane with an obsessive quest to find and kill the object of Yahweh’s blessing: Abram. He descends from greatness into madness and his body deteriorates into a twisted shadow of his former self. But after Nimrod captures Abram’s nephew Lot, now, Abram is after him.



Nimrod’s queen of Babylon. She is seductive and cunning as she takes over the administration of Nimrod’s kingdom. Her real goal is to raise her incestuous son Mardon to become her own puppet king. But Mardon is proving to be unruly and uncontrollable. How will she get out from under the thumb of wicked powerful men?



The crown prince son of Nimrod and Semiramis. Mardon is in an incestuous relationship with his mother, the queen. He is sociopath who loves to torture and experiment on humans. His reign might bring an unprecedented age of evil that would surpass even Nimrod’s tyranny. Because at least Nimrod has a conscience.


King Arba & Queen Naqiya

One of the mightiest of giant kings in the land of Canaan. He has big plans to grow his kingdom and one day dominate Canaan. They live in a village near Abram and Sarai. When Arba attends a welcome feast for their new neighbors, he falls head over heels in lust with Sarai’s magnificent comeliness. This starts a personal obsession that will drive him to do anything, even jeopardize his kingdom, in order to have this most gorgeous human specimen with which to mate.



The son of King Arba, whose suffering caused by Abram will result in a dynasty of revenge by this young giant’s descendants upon the descendants of Israel. He is a giant and his people will be the giants that fill Canaan when Joshua spies out the land.


The Archangels

Two of the archangels of God’s throne. Mikael watches over Abraham as God’s Chosen One for God’s covenant. Uriel takes the presence of a human warrior in order to join Abraham’s circle with closer effect. But when King Arba takes Sarai hostage with the intent to mate with her, it’s going to take a couple of angels to pull off an effective extraction of the innocent.


The Angel of Yahweh

This angel is a manifest theophany of Yahweh himself. He visits Abraham with the Destroyer at the Oaks of Mamre.


The Destroyer

One of the angels visiting Abraham at the oaks of Mamre. He is an angel who has the power to decimate entire populations of people. And he is on his way to a depraved city of the plain that is engaging in the sexual pursuit of strange flesh: Sodom.



This king of the gods battles Tiamat the sea dragon and defeats her with glory. At the New Year Akitu festival all the planets will align and usher in the age of Aries, the ram of war. The ziggurat tower of Babylon will then become a portal to heaven from which other Watcher gods can be recruited to join their reign on earth.


Ishtar (Ashtart)

Ishtar is persona non grata in the pantheon of gods. But Marduk needs her power to achieve his rise as king of the gods. She has found Canaan, the cursed son of Ham, who she will use to breed a cursed seed of the Serpent to counter the seed of Eve. And she’ll do this at Sodom and Gomorrah with a new identity as Astarte.



That cunning plotter is back with new plans to control the world. When the tongues of man are divided at Babel, God will allot the nations under the authority of the fallen sons of God. And that is when Mastema will make his legal move to create an alliance of them all—under him.



Tiamat is the sea dragon of Chaos that Marduk must conquer and cut in half to establish the “heavens and earth” of Babylonian empire, as well as his supremacy over the pantheon of gods.


Hierodules of Ashtart

These are four assassins disguised as hierodules of Astarte, sent by Nimrod to find Abram and bring him back, preferably alive, but dead if they must. They are the chimeric creations of Nimrod’s miscegenation experimentation. He has created these hybrid hunters by mixing in the genetic essence of lions and falcons with humans. Thus, they look and act like sensual hierodules, but they have the predatory features and strength of a lion and a falcon.

Golem Army

Remember the Stone Ones from Gilgamesh Immortal? These are replications of that occultic army of stone soldiers. And Nimrod has big plans for conquest with this army that has no human need but the need to destroy.

Sons of Nimrod

The many giant progeny of Nimrod through his various wives. They form an elite squad of royal guard ready to stop any force against their father. But they aren’t prepared to meet the power of Yahweh in a simple shepherd warrior named Abraham.

Five Kings of the Plain

Bera king of Sodom, Birsha king of Gomorrah, Shinab king of Admah, Shemeber king of Zeboiim, and the king of Bela (that is, Zoar) defend their land against Chedorlaomer king of Elam and his three kings. The giants of the Transjordan were wiped out by the four kings from the East. Now, they meet in the valley of Siddim, filled with asphalt pits of death.




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