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Jesus Triumphant

Story Art





Geography of Hades (From 1 Enoch)



Two Demoniacs of the Gadarenes



Jesus and Demas by the River of Fire in Hades


Shades of Sheol


Leviathan in the Sea of Galilee

The sea dragon of chaos is back. Actually, he never left. But now he is going to meet his match in confrontation with the God of covenant order. You’ll see with your own imagination how Jesus tames the untamable beast.

Illustration courtesy of Elden Ardiente •



This world tree has been around since the beginning. She is the mother earth goddess who absorbs the souls of all who worship her into her gnarly roots of death. Well, it’s time for the archangels to finally burn this colossal spiritual cancer of evil to the ground.


Mount Hermon



Panias (At Caesarea Philippi)



Mountain of Tartarus


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