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Joshua Valiant
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Cast of Characters

After four hundred years of slavery in Egypt, the Israelites under Moses have escaped into the desert and are prepared to enter the land of Canaan that God had promised them. There’s only one problem: It’s crawling with giants. And these giants are the Seed of the Serpent, linked to the nefarious Nephilim before the Flood. It’s going to take mighty faith to bring those walls down.

Character Images created by Cam Harless and Brian Godawa.
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The assistant of Moses, leader of Israel. Joshua is a man of blood, sweat and earth. A true warrior of discipline. Because of his leadership in battle against the Amalekites, he soon becomes the general for Moses over all the armed forces of Israel. He is driven by a passion for Yahweh’s law and holiness. So much so that he has little tolerance or compassion for the failures of others, until he comes face to face with his own darkness of soul.



Joshua’s elder, and truest friend and mentor. Where Joshua trains hard with brute fighting techniques, Caleb studies the Way of the Karabu, an angelic fighting style of beauty and dance. He has the whip sword called “Rahab” handed down through Jacob to his clan. He falls in love with the convert harlot Rahab. But she is betrothed to another man and carries his child. Will love be Caleb’s downfall or his redemption?



Caleb’s precious step-daughter whom he betroths to Othneil for his courageous battle against the Anakim giants. Unfortunately, she is also the object of revenge for Xismat the satyr. For she is Rahab’s daughter and Rahab killed Xismat’s brother Izbaxl when they were young.


Arisha of Banias

A young woman through whose eyes we experience the heart and soul of Canaan — as well as its darkest underbelly. Born and raised to be a nymph for the clan of Seirim at the foot of Mount Hermon, she seeks to escape from the enslavement of the Satyrs who control her people. She soon embarks on a journey through Canaan that will bring her face to face with far more heinous evils than she ever imagined existed.



The owner of an inn and brothel in Jericho. Because of her disillusionment with Canaanite culture, she converts to Israel and becomes pregnant by a warrior of the tribe of Judah. She soon discovers that she has a prophesied importance in the lineage of the Seed of Abraham, but cannot accept it. She feels unworthy because of her dark past. Can Yahweh truly atone for such heinous sins? Especially one secret that she is sure will rip her out of her privileged status if ever uncovered.



The leader of Israel. He has become impatient with the sin of God’s people. He has forgotten his own weaknesses and where he came from. He has lost his sense of Yahweh’s grace. One big mistake wrought of pride will keep him from forever entering the Promised Land and force him to face his flaws.



A mighty young warrior of Israel who has married Rahab the converted Canaanite harlot, who has borne his child. But the battles of the Promised Land are proving to be a bad sign for Salmon’s future.



A hearty happy warrior who wins the hand of Caleb’s daughter, Achsah for his mighty exploits in war. But he has no idea of the terror that seeks out his beloved with the goal of tearing away all his happiness.



A young satyr in Panias who falls in love with Arisha even as he mentors her into coming of age. The problem is that Arisha despises him and is not about to let him take her for his own.



Izbaxl’s older brother. This satyr learns of the tragic death of Izbaxl at the hands of his brother’s victim. He makes a vow to spend the rest of his life hunting down and killing the little bitch of a nymph who did this to him: Arisha.


The Snake Clan

A cult of serpent worshippers in Bashan, the land of the serpent. They live underground and will become a new prison for the fugitive Arisha. But these slithering creatures will never get their coils around Arisha.


Angel of Yahweh

The very theophany of Yahweh who is the captain of the host of heaven. If Canaanites think the Hebrews are easy prey for conquest, they have no idea the angelic army that backs these wanderers from Egypt.



The most high storm god of Canaan. He is the patron Watcher of the Anakim and has been building his palace in the far regions of the north on Mount Sapan, a new holy mountain for the assembly of gods to meet. This is a cosmic source of power that the archangels are not prepared to face when they hunt him down to bind him.



The most formidable of all the Watchers, Mastema is the Accuser in Yahweh’s heavenly court, and he has big plans for Canaan that will not be good for God’s Chosen People.



Goddess of sex and war. Ashtart is the patron Watcher of the kingdom of Og in Bashan. She has a plan to use a secretly developed deep sorcery to conjure up an enemy against the archangels the likes of which they have never faced. Will they bind her or will they be consumed by her occultic army of the living dead?



God of the underworld, the abomination of the Ammonites. He loves little children, especially when they are burning on his sacrificial altar. This one is so despicable even Ashtart is disgusted with him. But he has plans for protecting his interests in the land of Canaan.



Lilith is the succubus who protects Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess with her two little demon girls, Lili and Lilu. She has a long history as an enemy of God’s people, going all the way back to Enoch. Her world tree now resides in Bashan near the Seirim tribe.


Resheph and Qeteb

Resheph is the god of plague whose arrows are his curses. Qeteb is Resheph’s companion deity of destruction, a god of pestilence. Together, these two Watchers can decimate entire populations. And they have their eyes squarely on Israel.


Horus of Egypt

One of the Watchers of Egypt. He travels to Canaan to warn Ashtart that the Israelites are coming their way, and she should be very afraid. After all, their god had destroyed the gods of Egypt with plagues. Egypt has been decimated as a world power. And now Yahweh is coming on a swift cloud to Canaan.


Sons of Anak

These are the fiercest giants in all the land from the Anakim clan. They live in the city of Kiriath-arba, the grave site of Abraham, with whom their people have a blood feud. And the worst thing of all is that they are hunting Rahab in order to hit the Israelites where it would hurt them the most: Their promised seedline.


The tallest brother at 15 feet and the mightiest warrior, but not too sharp of mind.



The middle brother whose political cunning ensures their ambition.



The youngest brother, has a violent temper not to be trifled with.


Og of Bashan

Last of the Rephaim, ruler of the sixty cities of Bashan, place of the serpent. He is a giant king close to thirteen feet tall, whose alliance with Sihon in the Transjordan is mere pretense for his plans of total conquest. When he discovers Joshua is coming his way in order to enter Canaan, Og plans to wreak total destruction upon his Israelite nemesis with an army of giants backed by the dark forces of Ashtart, goddess of war and Molech, god of the underworld.


King Sihon

Ruler of the land of Moab where the Israelites have to cross over the Jordan to get into Canaan. He is the first obstacle in Moses’ way, and he is an ally of Og. Though he is not a giant, his people are very savage warriors who dress up in wild attire to strike fear into their enemies.


Living Dead

An army raised up by Astarte to battle the archangels outside the city of Edrei. They are hungry and they don’t just eat human flesh, they can eat angels too.



The mightiest warriors in Canaan. A tribe of giants who will be the scourge of Israel unless Joshua can cleanse the land of them.



The ugliest most barbaric nomadic tribes that pollute the land with their occultism and cannibalism.



These are a tribe of wild hairy men who live at the base of Mount Hermon in Bashan.


Demon Priests of Ba’al

A clan of throne guardians for Ba’al’s temple on Mount Sapan. Very hard to kill—even for archangels.


The Archangels

You know them all by now because you’ve seen them in almost every novel of the series. Well, they’re still here, and their goal: To bind Ba’al and Ashtart into the heart of the earth in order for God’s people to inherit the land of Canaan.


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