Podcast: What are the Seven Bowls of Judgment in Revelation?

Jared Chrestman interviewed me on Through the Black about Revelation 15 and 16.

It’s part 9 of a series on prophecy and the book of Revelation.

And trust the Scripture, it’s not what most Bible prophecy pundits are telling you.

But check it out and have your mind blown — and your eschatology!

Guaranteed to be fascinating.

Check out the podcast here on YouTube.

2 comments on “Podcast: What are the Seven Bowls of Judgment in Revelation?

  • Brian, these have been so helpful. There are so many crazy interpretations of Revelation out there, all so confusing, that end up relying on so many sources outside of the Bible (most often the latest newspaper headlines for the popular futurist interpretations). I’ve recently begun really diving deep into the preterist views having grown up as a Baptist with futurist views, and I’m still learning (and always will be), so these are very helpful!

    I have a group of friends that we often discuss the Bible together, which is a blessing. They recently really started talking a lot about Frontier Alliance International (FAI) who made videos such as “Sheep Among Wolves”. I highly respect their work, they seem to have a strong passion for seeing the message of Christ spread throughout the least reached and very dangerous areas, which is great. However, recently they’ve really started digging into end times prophecy, and are actually coming out with a movie on Revelation. They seem to line up with futurist interpretations, especially regarding current events in the middle east, without the ever-popular rapture idea though and instead urge Christians to be strong in the face of persecution. We should be! But are Revelation and chapters in Daniel really about current events in the middle east? Like all of the Bible, we can and should apply God’s Word to our current situations, yes, but we shouldn’t read Revelation or Daniel as a secret code to decipher this present age.

    I finally spoke up and shared an article with them where the author discussed the various viewpoints on Revelation and why he agreed with the preterist viewpoint. One of the responses I got from my friends was basically that he did not agree with it because knowing the future and that Jesus will return as our judge will urge us to be obedient faster and teach others to be obedient, and that he was often getting reminded to focus on obedience (not eschatology). I could tell he skimmed over the article at best, haha. The article merely pointed out how most of the events in Revelation occurred around 70 AD, but that did not include the second coming, resurrection of the dead and the final judgement. Furthermore, when did studying the Bible not be included as obedience? Studying the Bible motivates us to take action and spread the God’s Word to others! However, our actions, no matter how noble, should be based upon a solid foundation: our love of Christ and others. If it’s only based upon fear of events in Revelation, or to be raptured away from some future devastation, that’s some shaky ground to build upon.

    I’m sad churches don’t talk more about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. I’ve only heard brief snippets of it in conversation at churches before this, but never really tying it in with the Bible. I’ve heard plenty about current events though and that we’re at the end times.

    Just wanted to encourage you guys to continue making these videos! They are extremely helpful and I look forward to every one. I pray others will one day be open to these discussions. Can’t wait for Ken Gentry’s book on Revelation to come out!

    • Thank you, Gray, for letting me know about your experience. I love to hear personal stories like this. Keep digging deeper!
      Also buy everything Ken Gentry has written on eschatology at kennethgentry.com, and everything Gary DeMar has written on it at AmericanVision.org.
      But yeah, preterism can be a shocking thing to people. Get used to being called a heretic. However, if you are patient and respond with Scripture over and over, I have found people cool down because they can’t argue that long against Scripture.

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