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Harlot Queen of Israel

A Game of Gods.
A Clash of Titans.

Ancient Israel thought she was bringing unity, progress and change. She brought Baal, the storm god of Canaan.

870 B.C. Israel. Beautiful Jezebel of Tyre marries King Ahab of Israel to bring peace in a time of war.

But when Jezebel builds a temple of Baal in the heart of Israel. the “mad prophet” Elijah challenges her to a duel of deities.

In the supernatural realm, spiritual warfare breaks out as the demonic Canaanite Watchers led by Baal battle to take the land back from the Archangels who protect the Remnant of Israel.

And so begins the war of gods and men.

Join the battle in this heart-racing epic story of supernatural conflict, action and romance. You will find yourself awake at night because you can’t stop turning the page to see what God does next to rescue his people from the seed of the Serpent.

Spin-off Series to Chronicles of the Nephilim

What if the pagan gods of the nations were fallen angelic Watchers from God’s throne? Jezebel: Harlot Queen of Israel is part of the series Chronicles of the Watchers that charts the influence of spiritual warfare on human history, just like Chronicles of the Nephilim. Based on ancient biblical and historical research.


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