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Dragon Emperor of China

Two Epic Storytellers and a Clash of Ancient Cultures

A novel of spiritual warfare, dragons, the first Chinese emperor, the Great Wall of China and the tower of Babel.

Brian Godawa, best-selling author of ancient historical fantasy, teams up with Charlie Wen, Co-founder/Head of Visual Development for Marvel Studios, to tell a fantasy action-adventure romance rooted in the ancient history of China and the Bible.

 East Eats West

It’s 220 B.C. The ancient Western Empire is crumbling.

In a desperate bid to save his throne, the Greek king over Babylon sends his son, Antiochus, a dishonored warrior, into the mysterious land of the Far East to capture a mythical creature that will give him absolute power: a dragon.

What Antiochus finds is beyond his imagination:

A mad emperor on a quest of immortality, a beautiful concubine with whom he falls in love, a mysterious power of magic and technology, and the true nature of the dragon that protects this world.

 The Dragon Kingis the first novel of the Historical Fantasy Series,Chronicles of the Watchersthat charts the influence of spiritual powers behind the history of earthly rulers.

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