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Against the Gods of Egypt

More Supernatural Than a Blockbuster Movie.

The most beloved story of Israel’s deliverer and the Exodus as you’ve never read it before in a novel. Fully biblical and fully researched in its ancient Egyptian context.

A standalone novel of spiritual warfare, fatherhood and the triumph of love from the Bible.

We all think we know the story: Moses adopted by Pharaoh, discovering his Hebrew identity, fleeing to Midian, falling in love with Zipporah and building a family.

And then Moses being called by Yahweh to return to Egypt to face Pharaoh and bring his people out of slavery.

A War of Gods and Men

But Pharaoh is not the only villain Moses must face. The ten plagues are Yahweh’s war with the gods of Egypt. And those gods are not myths. They are demons. And they are not about to let the Israelites go without a fight.

Egyptian slavery and Exodus, Midian freedom, Ten plagues, Ten Commandments, Red Sea parting, Mount Sinai, golden calf, angels and demons. It’s all in this biblically faithful retelling of the supernatural story of Moses against the gods of Egypt.

Get the companion book, The Spiritual World of Moses and Egypt to learn the amazing biblical and historical research behind the novel.

Spin-off Series to Chronicles of the Nephilim

What if the pagan gods of the nations were fallen angelic Watchers from God’s throne? The series Chronicles of the Watchers charts the influence of spiritual warfare on human history interwoven with Chronicles of the Nephilim andChronicles of the Apocalypse.

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