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You Can’t Walk Away From the Truth.

An Historical Drama Movie Script About the Scopes Monkey Trial.

Love and faith are put to the ultimate test in this stirring romantic drama set against the landmark Scopes “Monkey Trial” of 1925.

Charles Anderson is a talented young reporter engaged to Rose, who works with him at the Tennessee small town newspaper his late father founded.

The “Trial of the Century” brings brilliant adversaries William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow to Charles’ hometown.

But as the trial unfolds, Charles is caught up in the media circus and becomes torn between his journalistic integrity and impressing his mentor, the cynical news editor H. L. Menken, who presses him to “make a story” instead of report one.

Inherit the Wind from the other side.

 Read the script. Imagine the movie.

Screenplays as Literature Series are movie scripts published for readers to enjoy concise storytelling with a twist. Scripts are blueprints for producing films. Longer than a short story. Shorter than a novel. You’ll learn how to read a script so you can watch the movie in your mind as you read the story on the page.

This screenplay has been produced as a movie also named Alleged.

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