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The Last Knight

A clash of civilizations.
All the world at stake.
So help them, God.

A screenplay based on the true story of the Siege of Malta in 1565.

It’s the end of the Middle Ages, the Crusades have failed, and the Inquisition spreads its cruelty in the West as Islamic jihad expands in the East.

The last remaining English knight escapes persecution in England and arrives on a small island, the secluded outpost of his dying Order, the Hospitaller Knights of Malta.

He discovers the island is about to be attacked by the Turkish Ottoman Empire as a beachhead from which to invade Europe and conquer the Western World.

And no one in all of Europe is going to help them.

The Last Knight is an historical epic story of war, romance and redemption, Muslim Jihad vs. Christian Crusade.  It’s about the conflict of religions and the modern world, and one man’s quest for truth in a time of intolerance.

It’s like the movie Braveheart meets 300.

Read the script. Imagine the movie.

Screenplays as Literature Series are movie scripts published for readers to enjoy concise storytelling with a twist. Screenplays are blueprints for producing films, so they are written in a unique abbreviated format. They are not as detailed as novels, but much more detailed than short stories. You’ll learn quickly how to read a script so you can watch the movie in your mind as you read the story on the page.


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