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Double Life

Sex. Drugs. Murder.
Is it just a game? Or is it real?

A Noir Thriller Movie Script About Virtual Reality and Obsession.

A psychological thriller about an out-of-work actor obsessed with an online role-playing game of vice and crime whose marriage unravels when the woman who plays a femme fatale inside the game shows up in his real life. It’s Fatal Attraction on the internet.

Read the script. Imagine the movie.

Screenplays as Literature Series are movie scripts published for readers to enjoy concise storytelling with a twist. Screenplays are blueprints for producing films, so they are written in a unique abbreviated format. They are not as detailed as novels, but much more detailed than short stories. You’ll learn quickly how to read a script so you can watch the movie in your mind as you read the story on the page.


Double Life