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Nietzsche: A Dangerous Life

What made the atheist philosopher Nietzsche go insane?

An historical biography screenplay based on the true story of Friedrich Nietzsche, the scandalous atheist German philosopher who went mad, and his beloved religious sister Elisabeth, who tried to stop him.

Nietzsche, infamous for his statement, “God is dead,” would change the world with his ideas, yet would struggle all his life with sickness, mental illness, the fruitless search for love, and the suffocating devotion of his petty sister, who would ultimately control his destiny.

It was a bond between brother and sister only God could separate.

Their love/hate relationship would affect everything, from his stormy friendship with the famous composer Richard Wagner to his scandalous romance involving the equally scandalous feminist Lou von Salomé.

This is an historical biography of passion and reason, of propriety and taboo, of Christianity versus atheism and the fight of one man against the ticking clock of his own insanity.

Nietzsche was one of the most passionate and controversial thinkers history has ever known. Though we know his sad ending as “the mad philosopher,” this story explores the one thing we don’t know: why?

It’s like the movie Amadeus meets Alfred Hitchcock.

Read the script. Imagine the movie.

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