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Death Before Dying

These Somali pirates have no idea who they’ve just taken hostage.

An action thriller movie script about a hero fighting modern day pirates.

After experiencing a tragedy in foreign operations, British Intelligence Officer Cole Walker sets off on a suicidal adventure in the coastal waters off Africa.

But before he can finish his bucket list, his boat is hijacked and he is captured by a ruthless group of modern Somali sea pirates.

He discovers that these criminals kidnap young kids and turn them into child soldiers.

After meeting and rescuing one of these children, 15-year old Max, Walker decides to fight back against this gang of villainous outlaws in an attempt to free the other children hostages in their jungle island hideaway.

It’s like a British Rambo against modern sea pirates.

 Read the script. Imagine the movie.

Screenplays as Literature Series are movie scripts published for readers to enjoy concise storytelling with a twist. Scripts are blueprints for producing films. Longer than a short story. Shorter than a novel. You’ll learn how to read a script so you can watch the movie in your mind as you read the story on the page.

This screenplay has not been produced as a movie.

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