Moses: Against the Gods of Egypt

Cast of Characters

A supernatural epic Bible novel about Moses and Yahweh at war with Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt. Respected Christian author Brian Godawa reveals the unseen realm in this biblically faithful spiritual warfare novel bigger than any Hollywood movie ever made.

Character Images created by Cam Harless and Brian Godawa.
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Raised in the household of Pharaoh, Moses’ Egyptian name was Sobekmose. He rose to become not merely a son to Pharaoh, but a general of his army, despite having a stuttering problem. When his earthly fathers fail him, Moses becomes a broken man, a wandering nomad. When his heavenly father chooses him, can Moses overcome his weaknesses and fears to become the father of a nation?


Jochabed and Meryt

The mothers of Moses. Jochabed, a humble understated Hebrew woman whose single heroic act of hiding her son in an “ark,” would become the lynchpin for the salvation of Israel. And Meryt, his Egyptian mother, would raise Moses as Sobekmose and face a similar sacrifice of giving up her son for his higher purpose. But will she find the God of her son’s people?


Aaron and Miriam

The elder brother and sister of Moses. Though God would bless these two with influence as a high priest and a prophetess of Israel, their proximity to God’s chosen one will feed an envy for power that will create an idol of destruction.


Pharaoh Sobekhotep

Khaneferre Sobekhotep IV wants to unite Upper and Lower Egypt and become the greatest king who ever ruled Egypt, like Horus his patron deity. The only problem is that his adopted son to inherit, Sobekmose (Moses) is outshinining his glory with his own great achievements for the king.



Mighty warrior right hand to General Sobekmose (Moses). He is a mighty albino Nubian warrior and close friend to the General. But his loyalty will be put to the ultimate test when Sobekmose becomes a renegade.


Jannes and Jambres

Two Hebrew brothers who had assimilated into Egyptian religion as lector priests of Ra. They lead the priests or “magicians” of Pharaoh’s court against Moses. But one of them is troubled in his soul with visions of the underworld that make him think this Hebrew god Yahweh is coming after him.


Princess Tjarbit

This princess of Kush is Sobekmose’s (Moses’) first wife in a marriage pact between Egypt and newly conquered Kush. But this arranged marriage quickly turns into a torrid romance. Unfortunately, it gets in the way of Pharaoh’s own agenda.


King Shakarra and Queen Tannia

The king and queen of Kush in the city of Kerma, that Sobekmose (Moses) conquers. Sobekmose then marries their daughter, princess Tjarbit in a peace treaty.


Jethro and Nabila

Jethro is a Midianite priest of Baal in the wilderness of Midian. He takes Moses into his nomad tribe and becomes a father figure for Moses. But he and his wife, Nabila, must face the ultimate choice of which god he is going to serve, Baal or Yahweh.



The Midianite wife of Moses. She meets Moses wandering in the land of Midian, takes him to meet her father and ultimately becomes the strong and supportive wife of the man who would birth a nation. This is a picture of her on her wedding day.


Pharaoh Dudimose

The Pharaoh of the plagues and exodus. Djedneferre Dudimose wants to start a new dynasty rooted in Thebes that will last for a thousand years. But he has a dark secret about his first-born son that could tear his kingdom apart.


Queen Nefret

The queen consort of Pharaoh Dudimose. She has a soft spot for the Hebrews, which is why she visits Moses in secret to plead on behalf of Egypt and her broken king. But she soon realizes she must pay the ultimate price for being a daughter of Egypt.


Prince Khonsuemwaset

The first-born son of Pharaoh Dudimose and heir to the throne. He is a leader of the Egyptian chariot forces and will stop for nothing to wreak vengeance upon Moses for the plagues. But Yahweh will have the last word.



A scribe of Egypt. This bookworm was Moses’ friend when Moses was a prince of Egypt. But when Moses returns he needs the scribe’s help to access the archives of literature in order to write the origin story of his people. Ipuwer will record the plagues of Egypt for history, but will he risk death to help this old friend who is the source of it all?


Joshua ben Nun

At this point, his name is Hoshea, until Moses renames him. Young warrior with a hunger for fighting Yahweh’s enemies. Moses tells him Yahweh will defend Israel. But can Joshua suppress his fighting instinct as he watches the armies of Egypt descend upon God’s people in the wilderness?


Caleb ben Jephunneh

Older mentor of Joshua. An outsider Kenizzite loyal to Israel. He teaches Joshua the art of war, but also the finer art of Karabu, the angelic fighting technique that is not forceful enough for Joshua to take interest in.


The Angel of Yahweh

In the burning bush.


The Archangels


Though all seven archangels from Yahweh’s throne have been involved in previous Chronicles of the Nephilim, they must all bond together more than ever to defeat the gods of Egypt. And it won’t be easy.


The Gods of Egypt

The gods of Egypt will not let Israel go without a fight. Yahweh’s plagues become the source of their downfall, the decreation of their world by the true Creator.


Apophis / Leviathan

The Egyptian sea dragon of chaos was called Apophis. Egyptians believed that he fought Ra’s sun boat every time it crossed the sky, so the other gods would fight to keep it at bay. It was another name for the Hebrew sea dragon of Chaos Leviathan, whose heads were crushed at the Red Sea crossing by Yahweh.