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  • This was great! And very timely! There is so much going around right now that the world is ending this year.

    Similar to many, I grew up in church hearing about the rapture and saw some of the Left Behind movies and read one of the kids’ version books of Left Behind when I was young. I grew up with that mindset, thinking this was without a doubt what the Bible said.

    It wasn’t until the past year and a half that I seriously started reading and studying the Bible. My faith in Jesus Christ grew stronger and spiritual growth occurred in my life once I prayed to God early last year for a stronger faith and relationship with Him, and He directed me to seriously dive into His Word in surrender and allow it to change me (not for me to read what I wanted into the text). I also set out to learn the history and context of the Bible. I had always been a history fan, but for some reason had ignored the historical context of the Bible. After diving into that, and reading through the Old Testament all the way through for the first time (I hadn’t read through a single Old Testament prophecy book all the way through before then – but had read through Revelation a couple times), the New Testament began to completely change for me, and Revelation took on a whole new meaning. Revelation makes very little sense if we don’t also dive into the Old Testament prophetic books such as Daniel, Isaiah, Joel, etc, and try to have a first-century Jewish mindset while reading the symbolism presented.

    I’ve really learned so much about Revelation through the Old Testament, and listening to folks such as yourself, N.T. Wright, and The Bible Project (the Bible Project is highly recommended; they make clear and accessible some strong Biblical scholarship, including both Michael Heiser and N.T. Wright, and really encourage people to read and meditate on Scripture individually and out loud in groups).

    When I read the Bible now, Heaven does not seem to be some distant place in the clouds we are raptured away from earth to; rather the Kingdom of God is coming here to earth, first through Jesus Christ and now through His Church empowered by the Holy Spirit. Like you all discussed, the world is far from great at the moment, but the Church is growing like a mustard seed, and these difficult times can be trials by fire to strengthen and purify the Church (1 Peter 1:7, Matthew 3:11). There’s still plenty of work on earth left to do for God’s people empowered by the Holy Spirit.

    • That is great to hear, Gray. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I understand the excitement of seeing the Bible with new eyes, like those of the ancient Hebrews rather than our modern bias. It makes it an unending unfolding of amazing beauty to God’s Word. Keep up the deep study!

  • Have you seen the documentary “Left Behind or Led Astray?” It deals with the origins of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.

  • That does sound interesting, thanks for sharing. One of the things so concerning is when people see all the failed prophecies based on misunderstandings of the Bible, how much damage does that do to reaching others with the message of Christ? It’s not something to be taken lightly, but people throw around the phrase “The Lord told me…” followed by a prophecy so quickly; it’s concerning. Then when the prophecy doesn’t occur, it’s sometimes looked over like it’s no big deal, and people continue to follow the “prophet”.

    Another problem, as I recall mentioned in the video also, is when Christians are putting all their faith in a pre-tribulation rapture, and it doesn’t occur. How will Christians respond? How will American Christians respond if we start to face physical persecution (like many in the world have been for a long time) but are not raptured away?

  • I am “in the process” of learning how to glorify God! This talk is helpful to that spiritual journey. As I surrender to God’s will for daily, He led me here! God bless you both! What a great discussion. I finished Chronicles of the nephilim during our societal hibernation and recently finished Jezabel as well. Thank you for a refreshing the way I interpret scripture. I am laity at a small church on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. While we wait for a new pastor to be placed, the lay ministry team and myself are able to meet and worship together. I am excited to share this wisdom so the body of Christ can grow. I get it, I see what you are saying. Thy Kingdom come, it’s here! Thanks guys. ~Alanna

    • Hi, Alanna,
      Thank you for your testimony of encouragement. I am grateful to be of help to your journey.

  • Mary Antonacci says:

    Well you had me going for the most part, but there towards the end you started grasping at straws which totally undermined your stance. Knowledge increasing not being computers, are you kidding me, or yourself?

    • Hi, Mary,
      Here is a helpful note on “knowledge increase” written by Gary DeMar:
      “It’s most likely that the knowledge being described in Daniel 12:4 is related to the new covenant and the coming of the promised Redeemer. Since the focus of the Bible is on Jesus (Luke 24:25–27), we should expect that this is what God had in mind when the angel told Daniel that “the knowledge” will increase. What redemptive significance does a fatter set of encyclopedias have to do with God’s redemptive plan for His people? Zacharias and Elizabeth (1:5–25), Joseph and Mary (1:26–56), Simeon (Luke 2:25–32) and Anna (2:36–38) had an increase in knowledge as the realities of the old covenant were unfolding in their day. The Scriptures “testify” about Jesus (John 5:39). Jesus uses Daniel 7:13 as the defining event in His ministry (Matt. 24:30), something His accusers should have understood (26:64). This is the “increase in knowledge” that the angel was describing. Even dispensational apologist Thomas Ice recognizes that the interpretation followed by Lindsey, Morris, and so many other popprophecy analysts found on the Internet have misread and misapplied Daniel 12:4.13 It could be argued that the New Testament itself is the increase of knowledge: “For God, who said, ‘Light shall shine out of darkness,’ is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ” (2 Cor. 4:6).”

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