The Only Movie Villains Left: Republicans, Christians, Jews & God


Dang. With the Sony hack, no more North Korean villains in movies.

China is funding our movies now, so no Chinese villains.

Castro is now a hero, so no Communist villains of any stripe.

Muslims will fatwa, riot or bomb, so no Islamic villains.

Liberals still rule Hollywood, so still no Left Wing villains.

Looks like we’re gonna see more movies with Russians, Republicans, Christians, Jews and the Biblical God seeking to destroy the world.

I guess they’re the only villains left who turn the other cheek.


6 comments on “The Only Movie Villains Left: Republicans, Christians, Jews & God

  • Brian, I know you are joking/not joking -I just got some great feedback from an a-list dir on a script I’m pitching/developing. It starts with a Middle east hijacking. The way I wrote it is IMPLIED ISIS or Hamas or whatever but the Ambassador tells us that “we don’t know who it is; could be anyone or anything.” So what if it happened in the middle east or if they all wore black masks…I feel like the way I crafted it-with our official gov response being “we dont know” I made it safe. For me, this is KEY to whats been going on in the world of script writing since Humphrey Bogart’s famous line “you know how to whistle don’t you?” I feel that since then, many writers have gotten lazy and rely on SFX, explosions, sex, violence instead of actual WRITING where things are subtle, shaded and implied…if you, or anyone reading this wants to help my efforts and would like to see more WRITING on the screen, please support writers like Brian and feel free to PM me as well for the webs address of our project.

  • Very true! We watched Kingsmen: The Secret Service and they highly stereotyped the Christians as fear and hate-mongers (similar to the Westboro “Baptist Church” members) and the main protagonist as saying “hail Satan” (Colin Firth’s character) which killed a bunch of the so-called “Christian” hate group members. While they parodied these people, that is how some in Hollywood would depict us, sadly enough.

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